VIP Event Chauffeuring

  • Our Focus is You
    Focusing on quality control and brand representation, our project managers – backed up by VIP’s manifest management software – will deliver on every aspect of your event.
  • Why use us?
    Operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your dedicated Project Manager will work alongside you throughout;
    • Preplanning – budgeting
    • Live – delivery of your program and brand experience
    • Reconciliation – invoicing
  • What size of groups can you handle?
    VIP can arrange event transportation for 1 to 10,000 people. The efficiency of the service we provide is consistent, regardless of the scale of your event.
  • Who do you work with?
    VIP work with a wide variety of sectors including pharmaceutical, aviation, financial, media and entertainment; covering events such as; product launches, conferences, congresses, incentives, award ceremonies, major sporting events and exhibitions.
  • Where do you work?
    We offer a global solution having worked on every continent and all major cities throughout the world.
  • Can you provide onsite staff?
    We can provide transport managers, event managers, onsite coordinators, hostesses and a meet & greet service.
  • How will you represent our brand?
    VIP never loses sight of that fact, and constantly strives to ensure our working practices and values reflect those of our clients. We will work in partnership with you on your event, ensuring a successful and memorable brand experience is delivered in tandem with our expert logistics.
  • How quickly can you react to changes?
    We are experienced to handle last minutes changes and we put these changes into place with immediate effect. This allows us to ensure all eventualities are covered and that everything runs to schedule.
  • How do you prepare your drivers?
    Prior to each event we brief all of our drivers with detailed event information supported by event specific pre-prepared driver packs.
  • How will you keep me up to date?
    You will be in constant communication with your Project Manager using a secure online login where you can view each live job status and track individual transfers.
  • How would you manage my budget?
    In the first instance we will provide you with the most cost effective solution for your event. Our project manager will keep you updated with a live spend report during the event as requested.
  • Dedicated Event Team
    Whether in-house, on-site or on the road, our specialist Events Team, consisting of:
    • Project Managers
    • Event Coordinators
    • Transport Managers
    • Quality Controllers
    Strive to ensure the highest possible level of service.