VIP Secure Chauffeuring

  • Our Focus is You
    Our focus throughout is delivering a trustworthy service to the highest standard. From the time you enter our vehicles to disembarking, VIP Secure Chauffeuring will ensure that your journey is safe, relaxing and on schedule.
  • How do I book?
    You can book VIP Secure Chauffeuring using the following contact details:
    • Email:
    • Telephone: +886 2 8866 5681
  • Who will I deal with?
    You will be provided with a single point of contact while you work alongside VIP Secure Chauffeuring. This will ensure that you build trust and familiarity with someone who is completely dedicated to you.
  • How do you prepare for my trip?
    Using up-to-date intelligence gathered from our security partner we assess Security, Political, Travel, Operational and Terrorism threats to determine a level of risk per geographical location. An associated security option is then tailored to your group’s size and status.
  • When do I get driver details?
    You will receive driver name and number within two days prior to your journey.
  • Do you provide female drivers?
    Depending on the location we can offer female drivers when requested for clients, wives, child-minders and children.
  • Do your drivers have local knowledge?
    VIP Secure chauffeurs have extensive local knowledge and are able to avoid known and unexpected problems through contingency route planning and various security techniques to mitigate risk. This ensures passengers arrive safely and on schedule.
  • How qualified are your drivers?
    Our Security Drivers are trained in comprehensive, advanced and evasive driving techniques, VIP escorts, embus and debus drills and vehicle dynamic control skills. Security is of paramount importance and all drivers have undertaken advanced training in anti-surveillance, situational and threat awareness, accident management, vehicle search techniques and vehicle safety systems. As with all our VIP Global drivers chauffeur protocol and etiquette is of the highest standard.
  • What type of vehicles can you provide?
    We offer a wide range of secure vehicles, including Range Rovers and Mercedes Vianos. The range of executive sedans, SUV’s and minivans will vary depending on the global location. Fully secure armored vehicles are also available in medium and high-risk regions and will depend upon on your particular circumstances and risk assessment.
  • Can you offer close protection services?
    Yes, close protection is either requested specifically from our clients or required because of a risk assessment within a high-risk region. Our private security partner provides fully licensed and trained Close Protection Operatives skilled in executive protection, advanced driving, emergency medical drills, defense tactics, incident management, contingency planning and risk assessment.
  • Where do you operate?
    We are able to offer our Secure Chauffeuring service globally and have built a vast network of experienced resources as we regularly operate within medium and high-risk regions.
  • How much does it cost?
    Due to our unique security partnership and global economies of scale we are able to offer competitive pricing for our Secure services. Pricing will vary depending on the task detail, location, duration and evaluated risk.
  • Dedicated Security Team
    Thanks to a unique alliance with our private security partner VIP are able to manage your safety as you travel though higher risk areas globally.
    We will provide you with a fully qualified Secure Chauffeur option tailored specifically to your travel security needs and dependent upon your location, level of risk and group size.